Dr. Kimberly Harper, DDS is a passionate and highly-skilled Cosmetic and Restorative Dentist in the Dallas area. She specializes in providing quality dental services, advanced knowledge, and healthy smiles. For the past 15 years, she has continuously displayed her wisdom and passion for the dental industry through her practice and speaking engagements. As a speaker and Amazon Best–Selling author, she engages with audiences to bring awareness to the physical and emotional aspects of dentistry, challenges of maintaining oral hygiene, and affordable cost solutions.
Dr. Kimberly is also the founder and dean of The Dental Assisting Academy, where students are taught how to jump-start a career in dental assisting through course and strategy. During speaking engagements, she also empowers audiences to pursue their life’s passion. Dr. Kimberly encourages the path of entrepreneurship through a range of alternative careers that can be achieved without a 4-year college degree. She is available to share her knowledge, services, and experiences at dental conferences, seminars, school career days, and a host of various opportunities.

Dr. Kimberly Harper, DDS

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Dr. Kimberly’s clients include…

  • Lehigh Hanson, Inc

  • T.J. Lee Elementary

  • Potter’s House

  • Primrose Schools

Dr. Kimberly’s presentation topics include…

  • Careers in Dentistry

  • Oral Health & Hygiene

  • Dental Insurance Utilization & Affordable Care

  • Leadership: Discovering Your Purpose

  • Entrepreneurship


The Dental Career: Alleviating Pain & Pursuing Purpose
Choosing a career can be intimidating, especially if you have no idea of what you want to do or what path you can take to get there. In this presentation, Dr. Kimberly speaks in depth about the frequently overlooked career of dental assisting. She shares the fundamental and complex background of the field and how a career in dentistry can be so much more than just alleviating pain.

A Happy and Healthy Life Starts with Clean Teeth
Having healthy teeth can improve your overall health, enhance your confidence, and save you money. This presentation provides numerous ways to change your life through improved oral health habits. Dr. Kimberly shares easy tips to boost your self-esteem, savings, and overall well-being.

Pretty Teeth, More Profits
Did you know your smile could prevent you from receiving that next big promotion? Don’t let it happen to you. This presentation sheds light on how your smile can be linked to your bank account. Let a bright smile lead you to bigger bucks!

The Cost of a Priceless Smile
Being an entrepreneur is no easy task. Not only are you selling products, but you’re also responsible for selling yourself. Your appearance is important! Dr. Kimberly believes the confidence to sell yourself starts with a great smile. In this presentation, she shares her groundbreaking Priceless Smile Formula. Learn what it takes to smile like a boss!

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