Rambler Newspapers

Rambler Newspapers, of the Irving area, featured Dr. Kimberly for the gift of her services to a veteran in need. After examining the dental needs of former Marine Nick Arguello, she opened her office to the veteran with a gift and surprise of a lifetime. Read the full feature on the Rambler Newspapers site here.

Zwivel Blog

Dr. Kimberly shares her views on oral healthcare costs in a popular health-related blog post. Zwivel is a well-known plastic surgery platform that covers various aspects of healthcare in numerous industries, including research, costs, cosmetic journeys, and more. See what Dr. Kimberly had to say about the rising costs of dental care and insurance coverage on the Zwivel Blog.

AlwaysCare Benefits

AlwaysCare Benefits is an innovative provider of dental and vision solutions, with over 165 years of employee benefit expertise. In an article for the company, titled “The Value of Dental Insurance Plans”, Dr. Kimberly expressed, “Having dental insurance or a dental plan can improve a patient’s oral health as well as their overall health. Patients with insurance are more likely to come in for regular 6 month check-ups, since these appointments are usually covered by dental insurance at 100%, leaving the patient without a copay”. When addressing the importance of check-ups, she stated, “As we are learning more about the link between oral health and systemic health, dental check-ups are becoming more important. We are no longer just checking for cavities, we are examining the patient for early signs of systemic diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease”.