Dr. Kimberly Harper, DDS is a Cosmetic and Restorative Dentist and motivational speaker with a passion for improving people’s lives through healthy smiles. Affectionately known by her patients and community as Dr. Kimberly, she’s run a successful private practice in the Dallas area for nearly 15 years.

As a respected professional in her field, she earned her doctorate from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry and holds a Master’s of Business Administration from Texas Tech University. The heart of Dr. Kimberly’s work as a dentist is centered around the idea that a happy, healthy life starts with a smile. Her approach to dental care is a combination of her expertise in oral hygiene and commitment to quality service.

For Dr. Kimberly, becoming a dentist became a pathway to discovering her life’s purpose to be of service to others. Through mission work and volunteerism, she’s had the opportunity to provide dental care and impact the lives of underserved communities in the U.S. and internationally.
In addition to running her practice, Dr. Kimberly is also the founder and dean of The Dental Assisting Academy. With the academy, she educates and trains others how to start a thriving career in dentistry through a 12-week educational program. Her book, “Dental Assisting: A Career That Makes You Smile and Earns You Money,” is an Amazon Best Seller.

Dr. Kimberly regularly gives talks and presentations to share her knowledge of oral care and the business side of building a dental practice. In all she does, she seeks to inspire others to live healthy lives, walk in their purpose, and thrive. She believes a Smile is the Most Beautiful Thing You Can Wear and wants everyone she encounters to love the smile they have.

Dr. Kimberly Harper, DDS