Your smile is the most beautiful thing you can wear!” So, you should wear it proudly. Beyond a chance for the perfect selfie, smiling has benefits that help with enhancing your appearance, creating potential partnerships, and uplifting others. This small act carries superpowers and packs a big punch. Here are 3 superpowers of your smile:

1. Smiling can make you appear confident, likeable, and competent.

Your ability to share a simple smile could be the difference between the failure or success of your business. When networking and closing deals, others like to see a pleasant face and an engaging look. An anxious or sad look may cause others to doubt your ability to handle professional responsibilities. This can make you appear unapproachable, leading others to wonder if you are personable enough to conduct business. Show those pearly whites and let your colleagues and peers know you are confident in your abilities to build relationships and conduct business.

2. Smiling creates a sense of well-being.

Feeling down? Then smile. The act of smiling can change your attitude and the energy you exert. It sounds cliché, but the smallest changes in your mood can come from a simple smile. Each time you smile, dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins are released. These endorphins act as the body’s opiates, creating a happier, more positive mood. It’s similar to thinking of the little things that make you happiest or having nostalgia about your fondest childhood memories. Using that ability when you find yourself upset or in a negative space can change your perspective and provide the confidence you need to come out of it.

3. Smiling can give you a more youthful look.

It takes 43 muscles to frown and only 17 to smile. Frowning creates an older, unpleasant look that can keep others at a distance. A smile is like a mini facelift– turning up the corners of your mouth to raise your cheeks, jowls, and neck. This change makes you appear youthful, happy and gives a glow. Some say the key to happiness is in their youth; hold on to yours and smile more.

There are many benefits to smiling that not only affect you, but those in your path. Something as simple as a smile is enough to change the mood of others, giving them a boost of energy to turn their day around. The return of self-assurance, a greater sense of well-being, and youth preservation can all start with a smile. If you don’t possess the self-confidence to smile more, find a dental professional you can trust to help. Everyone deserves the happiness that comes with a beautiful smile, so what are you waiting for? Experience the superpowers of a smile and share yours with the world!